Friday, October 2, 2009

"Moon Over Willow Run" Chapter 3 Preview

Oh dear.

I hate to tell kind readers this, but "Bob," who seemed so nicely paired with the devout Christian an atheist.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

And they seemed so perfect for each other. He's even gotten a bit steamed when she admired some lovers' initials carved on a big tree. Ooh!--so soon, Bob!

But alas.

Well, I for one can't see how this is gonna end up, no sir. Just have to slog through 200 more pages to find out.

Actually my husband whisked this book away as soon as he got home and had fun sniggering at the very pious and eminent Foreword written by the Christian Businessmen's Association. I can hear him laughing now in a MOST disrespectful manner. Disgraceful. More updates as soon as I can pry it back out of his hands!

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