Monday, October 12, 2009

Until You Have Tasted Trout Baked Electrically, You Cannot Realize What Delicious Meatiness is Achieved by this Healthful Cooking Method

Housewives, have you yearned to save your family money and provide a thrifty "meatless" meal, only to be frustrated by the woeful limitations of the primitive gas stove? Now there's a better way.

You simply can't bake trout properly in anything other than an ELECTRIC stove. Imagine the approving look on your husband's face when, after a hard day of work, he comes home to a succulent meal. Watch the pale, wan faces of your children grow fat and rosy as they gobble up this nutritious treat. Here is the kind of dish that famous chefs glory in preparing--right in your own dining room!

Because gentle moist heat is required to cook it properly, stuffed baked trout is at its finest only when prepared in the flavor-conserving ELECTROCHEF oven. There's really no other alternative. If you want good trout, a happy husband, and rickets-free children, heave out that outmoded gas stove and promptly buy a gleaming new ELECTROCHEF from Detroit Edison!

--Ypsilanti Daily Press, October 24, 1931.

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