Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pictures of Carrie Hardy and Family

Thanks to Carrie Hardy's great-niece, Ms. Redfern, we have a special treat today--a series of photos of Ypsilanti diarist Carrie Hardy and her family members. Many thanks to Ms. Redfern for her time and generosity in sharing her personal family photos--that is exceptionally kind! I include Ms. Redfern's captions for each photo.

Carrie in Detroit in front of Rob's house.

Carrie holding weath, I believe for the Funeral of my aunt Catherine. Carrie's niece and my mom's aunt. About 1920.

Carrie's father Henry.

Carrie's father Henry in front of the house on River Street in Ypsilanti. Forgot the address right now, but it is only a few houses down river street from depot town. It's on the right hand side. [223 River? --ed.]

Carrie's brother Rob and her nephew Robert. Around the time of the diary. Robert is my mom's father.

Carrie and her brother Rob, laughing about something. Don't know around what year.

Many thanks to Ms. Redfern for sharing her pictures!


Dusty D said...

Very awesome. I'm honored to be the person to share these wonderful photos. Thank you, Ms. Redfern!

Jennifer Redfern said...

It was a Pleasure.