Friday, October 2, 2009

My Favorite Thing

Dusty D got a surprise today from her sweetie--my favorite thing, which is an 8-oz. jar of garlic-stuffed olives. I like that better than the world's biggest box of candy--I don't go for sweet stuff much. DD has already eaten several of said olives, and will pour the delicious olive-juice, replete with colorful floaty-things, into my next batch of pasta sauce. DD received this treat because I got the book contract in the mail today, signed it, and sent it back. DD is very grateful to said sweetie, who not only provided said olives for said book contract, but makes it all possible. Back to work now--the first item on the agenda is 50 images, each at 300 dpi and 6 inches wide on a CD-ROM. Due on Oct. 12!

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