Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If You Don't Immediately See the Connection Between Telegrams and Soap I Can't Help You

"Morning, boss! Welcome back to the agency! Did you have a nice New Year?"


"Sorry to hear that. Hey, we just got our first account for 1902. It's Ivory Soap; they said they want an 'unusual' ad. Got any ideas?"

"Where's the aspirin?"

"It's in the cupboard. Whaddaya think, boss? Something about meadows, or fresh air..."

"You're talking too loud."

"...or maybe flowers--hey, a field full of flowers, that's a good connection! Or how about--"

"Look--stop asking me--you do it--make it about locomotives or cigars or telegrams for all I care. Now shut up!"


Anonymous said...

"It's about economy, stupid!" -- Bill Clinton

Dusty D said...

Ah, of course. :)