Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chewiness is the essential quality of these Macaroons

If kind readers were not aware, it's Cornflake Time.

Cornflake Time!

You can purchase delicious macaroons at our bakery [currently... that tiny office at 109 N. Washington?]

Don't forget to tune in to our radio feature, "COFFEE RING AND JELLY ROLL."

Congratulations to Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Wescott for winning our Gift Awards.

Make this your motto when examining our prices: "Quality is long remembered after price is forgotten."

--November 4, 1934 Ypsilanti Daily Press.


Edward Vielmetti said...

In contrast, crunchiness is the sign of a bad macaroon.

Dusty D said...

Dear Ed: Ha! That is hilarious! But it's cool how any professional gets all geeky about even as small a thing as a macaroon--that is professionalism IMO. Nice link; thank you!