Friday, July 3, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie attended both days of the Normal graduation and said "The exercises did not amount to much. The hall was trimmed very nice." (heh). She also attended 4th of July festivities at the fairground, and even saw the fireworks.

July 2 Fri. Had a good deal of work to do today. Went up town in the afternoon to do the marketing. Carrie N. came down and wanted me to go up home with her to see the baby. Marion and I went after supper. It (the baby) is real nice. Everyone is busy with the Fourth. They have made beautiful arches across the streets and the stores and houses are decorated.

July 4 Sat. There was enough noise this morning. Got ready and went up to Joe's, then up to the Fairground. Had a delightful time but worked hard though. All of the soldiers came in our booth to eat and I had as much--as the rest of the girls. Mary Dugall came out in the morning and we all stayed up on the grounds until after the fire works. They were grand. Carrie N. was with me at the fire works.

July 5 Sun. Did not go to Church in the morning. Went riding in the afternoon and to Church tonight. Commenced a letter to Ida. Quite a good many of the Cadets stayed over night and are around town today.

July 6 Mon. Went over to the depot with Mary. She went on the early train and there were many students going off. Finished my letter to Ida in the afternoon. Slept most all of the afternoon.

July 7 Tues. It has been very warm all day, warmer than any day this summer. I went up to Carrie's, stayed quite a little while and went down to Joe's, but she was not home. Met Mr. Wendel and John Stoddart, the first time I have seem John this summer vacation. It rained very hard after I got home.

July 8 Wed. Went out and picked berries this morning. Went up to Joe's after supper. We took a long walk and I did not get home until nine o'clock. We had a splendid time and I like Joe better than ever. A. E. L. has gone off and I suppose that she will be terrible lonesome without him (La me)

July 9 Thurs. Cora Guy has called this morning. Mary is staying home from the shop today. It has rained all of the afternoon and I have been piecing on my quilt and am just as lonesome as I can be. Wish that Ida was here.

July 10 Fri. Cora came down this morning and stayed until evening. Ella Seymoure was here and spent the afternoon. Carrie N. came down after supper and we took a long walk. She told me some conundrums that were too killing for anything.

July 11 Sat. Went up to Carrie's this afternoon and stayed all of the afternoon. Joe went with me and called. I had an elegant time. Selinda Curtis called while I was there and said that she had been to see me. I had a perfect tussle with Durbin and he made a most ridiculous mistake. "Work".

July 12 Sun. We went to Church and stayed to S. S. Joe was there. Carrie was not. "Someone was." [ooh! --ed.] Went and took a long ride in the afternoon, went way out in the country. Went to Church in the evening with Joe W. and the girls.

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James said...

Allie seems to be in good health at this time. I hope she had many good times during this year.

Dusty D said...

She certainly seems very close to Carrie and Joe, her girlfriends. But she also has a lot of naps and tiredness and skips church, &c., and in one point in the diary later on says she never writes the truth of how dark things are but keeps to the light.

So perhaps she knew.