Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where was 1919 Community Fun Fair "Alley Festa"'s Alley?

Kind readers may remember that 1919 Ypsilanti diarist Carrie Hardy recently attended the DIY community fun fair called Alley Festa. But where on earth was it?

Here's a picture of Alley Festa. I cannot place this alley. Does anyone now where it was or is?

By a curious coincidence, local Dreamland Theater owner Naia Venturi is having her own Alley Festa of sorts in August, with a three-day puppetry festival in the alley behind the Dreamland. Aug 28: The Tale of Falloo, the Worst Poet in the World at 8 p.m. ($7). August 29: a blowout day of puppetry on 3 stages, with kids' shows during the day and adult shows in the evening (times and cost TBA). August 30: performances by students of the Dreamland Puppet Camp (3:30 p.m., $5), and an evening show TBA (time & cost TBA). Neato.


James said...

Funny, but the Dreamland Alley Fest is being held in the spot where the first two Alley Fests were held. Yes, in the allies behind the buildings lining Michigan Ave., Huron Street, Pearl and Washington. The building on Huron were removed in the 1950's for parking.

Maproom Systems said...

This particular image was taken from the sidewalk on washington street, just north of congress.

Dusty D said...

James: Well, I'll be double-dog-dipped.

That is amazing! How wonderfully cool that the Dreamland is echoing the Alley Festa of some 90 years ago!

Thank you as always for your encyclopedic knowledge and help!

Dusty D said...

Maproom Systems: Thank you for visiting! I miss you, and Ypsi is less for your absence.

Your comparison is absolutely stunning. That is so helpful, and clears it right up. I also did not know proceeds were for the war effort, so that is helpful info.

In addition to gypsies there's also one less pleasing photo floating around of a Quirk in blackface mugging at Alley Festa. It's unsettling to see.