Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday Mystery Photo: The Trysting Tree

Dusty D hoped to stump readers with a close-up of Highland Cemetery's famous "trysting tree," the enormous copper beech covered with decades of lovers' inscriptions. Nope. A gentleman in Dearborn (formerly of Ypsi) nailed it. The tree is just a bit north of Starkweather Chapel. Turn right and walk till you hear yourself saying "Holy ******* ****!" That's the one.

Here's a background tale of the Trysting Tree, Ypsilanti's only named tree (click for readable size).

It's written by Eileen Harrison, my favorite former local history writer. She's good.

This week we move away from the natural world to a man-made structure.

The only clue you'll get is that it's not terribly far from the Trysting Tree. Take your best guess, and good luck!


BF said...

Well... THAT was easy.

Dusty D said...


BF! That spot is on a tiny side street barely in the city limits where NO ONE every goes!

(brain check)

Oh. You Googled it. (mutters inaudibly) Dang nab it, man, now we have to wait for another week for a new Mystery Spot!

Apropos of nothing, I don't think "Stealth Hydroponics" is the best name to give one's business if you wish to avert the attention of the gentlemen in blue, but what do I know.

Sandy D. said...

You know, I was actually going to guess that was a beech tree, just based on the bark. I had no idea Ypsi had a famous trysting tree, though.

Lisele said...

LOL, that garage door is right next to the home of one of your readers -- one who tipped you off as to the existence of the two lions guarding the path in Highland Cemetery. O what a small town we have...

Lisele said...
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Anonymous said...
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