Monday, July 13, 2009

Risky Business at the Ypsilanti Lumber & Coal Company, c. 1915

Hey, Frank, how d'ya want to take off this load? I figger we can start with those chimney pipes and shingles and then--

I'll just drive it off.

Drive it off? You mean--no, that's a whole load of stuff there; we don't wanna break the--

Gimme the keys.

Frank, we gotta get that pipe off there, it's gonna break. There's no way you can just drive it off.

You gimme the keys or I'll git Ed.

But you can't--we'll break all the--Frank! Stop!

Just stand back. This is comin' off. Stay clear. Here we go.

We'll get fired if those pipes are--Frank! You're gonna break all the--


How in God's name did you do that?

You got any more questions? OK, let's get this stuff in the shed.

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