Monday, July 20, 2009

Heads Up: Huge Sale in Depot Town this Saturday!

Yes sirree, you don't want to miss this one! Need a few hams? How about some tasty Pillar Rock Salmon? Dusty D is drawn to the "Store Cheese, old and nippy" [like attracts like --ed.] Wash down your old cheese with some lovely Killian's Cough Syrup. Dusty D just sampled some last night, left over from last Saturday's cookout. It comes in six-packs these days. Sure kept the coughs away, I can tell you, mister! Not one cough all evening, though that may be due in part to the generous dosage. Hey, don't forget--spend a meagre 20 cents over at Grieve and they'll throw in a handy flour scoop! Best of all, you can take the whole shebang home in your new Galvanized Pail while wearing your spiffy new shoes! If that don't galvanize you, brother, I dunno what will! Value? Yessir! Savings? You bet! See you there!

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