Friday, July 24, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie was having a very social summer vacation. She received visits from Aunt Lizzie, Uncle John, Cousin B., and visited her girlfriend Joe, Mrs. Johnson--and received a call from the handsome Alfred Lucking. She also made a hat and sewed a dress for herself over several days.

July 24 Fri. Rained very hard last night and this morning. Sprinkled all day. Joe came down in the afternoon and we had a good talk. I went up to the Post Office with her. Met mamie H. and Hattie H. Then went and took a long walk. Ma has not got home. A. L. (Alfred Lucking) called a second this evening.

July 25 Sat. Uncle John was intending to go to Flat Rock today so I dressed and got everything ready to go down to Carrie's with him, but it commenced to rain and we did not go. Was some provoked, but it could not be helped. It has rained all day. Went up town in the evening a little while. Uncle T. (Tom) was here all the evening.

July 26 Sun. It has rained almost all day so, of course, I did not go to church, but read and wrote a letter to Carrie. Went to church in the evening.

July 27 Mon. Helped wash today and sewed on my dress. Ma and I went to call. Carrie acted very well and I had a nice time. Marion came for me and we went over to hte depot, then walked around through town and then home.

July 28 Tues. I got a note form Joe this noon asking or rather demanding that I should come up there in the evening. I went. We took a long walk and had a glorious time. Pa came home this afternoon. Aunt Lizzie and Mrs. Wilson called here. I have got my dress done and wore it this eve.

July 29 Wed. The door bell rang this afternoon. I went to the door and who should it be but Carrie M. She had not been here long when Joe H. came. They stayed to tea. We spent a pleasant afternoon. After supper Will drove around with the horses. We took a long pleasant ride. Went to C.'s to stay all night.

July 30 Thurs. Came down this morning with Carrie. We had a nice time last night. Went over to Mary Worden's this afternoon, had some fun. Read and pieced and played all day and fluted Marion a polonaise and it looked beautiful. Had some callers.

July 31 Fri. Marion and I went to Cora Guy's today. We had an excellent time. I drove. Did not get home until real late because one of the horses lost her show. marion read to me part of the way. The book is nice, "The rich, wide world."

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Heidi Renée said...

I'd be interested to know what became of Lucking, since things with Allie came to an unfortunate end.

jml said...

Afred Lucking article on Wikipedia.

Lisele said...


Dusty D said...

Alfred Lucking was one of Washtenaw County's first users of PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM.