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The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie was enjoying her summer vacation. She pitted cherries till her hands were stained, took an out-of-town trip with Jo, and mentioned that "someone" waqs at church.

July 17 Fri. Mrs. B. brought us over to the depot. They all want us to stay very much, but Joe would not. Had ever so much fun. Got in Dentonville [now known as Denton] half an hour early and had to wait when we got in the cars and were seated. Mr. Clark came and talked to us. Got home at nine. Went up town in the afternoon and got a new dress and then went up to Carrie's. Told Durbin I hated him. Carrie came in evening to see about her dress.

July 18 Sat. Made a hat, black. Sewed on my dress this afternoon and pitted cherries until my hands are so stained I cannot get it off. Joe W. and Selinda Curtis came down and I took a walk with them. Had so much fun and Joe and I made up our minds to go to B.'s (Betts) when they thrash. They want us to.

July 19 Sun. Did not go to Church. Stayed home and sewed. Mary B. was here for dinner. Looks very much like rain. Hope it will. Fearful warm. It has rained. Did not go to Church tonight. Came upstairs real early and sat by the window. Wonder what C. N. is thinking about.

July 20 Mon. Aunt Lizzie was here this afternoon. She and Uncle John stayed to tea. While we were eating, Uncle Tom and Cousin B. came, so it was rather lively here for a while. Have sewed on my dress all the afternoon and have an elegant book to read.

July 21 Tues. Sewed on my dress all day. Dressed and went up to Joe's in the evening. Walked all around and then went to her jouse. Did not get back until about nine o'clock. Heard some beautiful music at the Pease home.

July 22 Wed. Got a letter from Carrie N. It was real good. She is having a nice time and wants me to come down. Wish I was there now. Had caller this evening, but feel cross enough. There are two hand organs in town, a strange band playing in the saloons. Two men with a violin and harp.

July 23 Thurs. Ma and [sister] Mary went out to Mrs. Johnson's to spend the day. While they were there Mrs. Johnson was taken very sick. mary came home alone, leaving Ma with Mrs. J. I was sitting on the steps tonight reading Hamlet when Alfred L. [Lucking] went by. he spoke and was very pleasant.

July 24 Fri. Rained very hard last night and this morning. Sprinkled all day. Joe came down in the afternoon and we had a good talk. I went up to the Post Office with her. Met mamie H. and Hattie H. Then went and took a long walk. Ma has not got home. A. L. (Alfred Lucking) called a second this evening.

July 25 Sat. Uncle John was intending to go to Flat Rock today so I dressed and got everything ready to go down to Carrie's with him, but it commenced to rain and we did not go. Was some provoked, but it could not be helped. It has rained all day. Went up town in the evening a little while. Uncle T. (Tom) was here all the evening.

July 26 Sun. It has rained almost all day so, of course, I did not go to church, but read and wrote a letter to Carrie. Went to church in the evening.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Friday for another chapter!.

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