Monday, July 27, 2009

Mystery Artifact in AA News: You're Invited to Guess!

Howdy peeps,

Every Monday I do a Mystery Artifact for Today's just went up. Now, the folks here have an advantage in guessing--you have honed your skills on many a previous Mystery Artifact, you know the kinds of things I pick, and so on. So traipse on over there if y'like and school those folks on how to demystify Mystery Artifacts!

It's a new one, never posted on the blog. I can assure you that between this blog and, I'm a-hoppin' all over this county, scouring our every last cobwebby corner for Mystery Artifacts! There's only so many of them, y'know! Sooner or later I'm gonna run out! So while they last, have some fun over at Link to Mystery Artifact.

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