Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mystery Photo: Forgotten Field of Dreams

No sooner--and I mean minutes--had I posted the last Mystery Photo when alert reader B. sent in its modern-day duplicate via cell phone:

And he was right on the money. The establishment next to Gaudy's is of course the renowned Dreamland Theater. I have to admit, the rapidity with which this Mystery Photo was solved by the eagle-eyed B. took a bit of steam out of my boiler. But then I turned up the heat. I hunted. I squinted. I peered into dusty Archives files. I kept my eyes peeled around town, my gaze darting this way and that, like a peregrine falcon on steroids. And finally--FINALLY I came up with a Mystery Photo so mysterious, so difficult, so perplexing, that it defies ALL attempts at guessing, yessiree, you bet your sweet patootie. Here it is, and may the best man win! Stay tuned for the answer, and the next Mystery Photo, next Wednesday.


Building Place said...

It's the baseball field that once was part of the park at the end of "Park St." that is now part of the Water Street re-development area.

BF said...

Courtesy of Google:

BF said...

Of course, if you hadn't just told us you were wandering that property, it wouldn't have been such a big clue... but then some of us have also been there.

Dusty D said...


And DD was silly enough to think that this completely obscure scrap of real estate would actually be a CHALLENGE to you guys.

For Pete's ever-lovin' sake.

Joint honors to Building Place and the ever-alert B.F. for this one.

Look, I'm gonna have to start taking pictures of INDIVIDUAL SQUARE INCHES of unknown acreage to even TRY and defeat you-all.


Ah, but I DO have a goodie for next Wednesday...the mysterious sand pile that time forgot. Ha! Let's see you try and guess THAT one!

('Course, that's what I said about THIS one.)


You guys are GOOD. (hat tip).

Dusty D said...

Serious question now.

This baseball field in Gilbert Park is one of several that continue in Water Works Park just to the south. There's one in Water Works Park and then another across Catherine/Race Street a bit further south. It's protected with a "NO TRESPASSING" sign that adds "PROPERTY OF FORD CO." All of them are right across the street from the present-day factory.

Was this chain of baseball fields (perhaps there were even more at one time) set up for the Ford factory workers? I believe that the one in Gilbert Park at least is from that era...say, 30s, 40s.

Did the workers have some sort of baseball leagues? Boy, I'd love to find that out.

JGawlas said...

I believe you will learn that the area around Gilbert Park was site to some substantial homes early on.

Dusty D said...

Mr. Gawlas: That is interesting info, especially considering that so many (noisy, smoky) factories were in this area for so many wouldn't really think of it as a posh residential district. But if you have info or pix about that, I'd be delighted to post them, and grateful to you.