Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Mystery Spot: Cryptic Waters (Reader-Submitted!)

All righty. So Dusty D and her sweetie were biking along River street the other day and ducked into a side street on the way home, just to investigate it. And what do I see but a colorful garage door mural, totally off the beaten path, where nobody goes.

Dusty D pulled out her ever-ready camera, gloating. "Ha! They'll NEVER get *this* Mystery Spot!"

Of course it was guessed within minutes. It's Stealth Hydro just off River St., opposite Highland Cemetery, on the tag end of Holmes Road.

Lisele mentioned that this is near the home of the person who kindly informed Dusty D about the lions in Highland Park. Dang nab it, this town is too darn small & too many people know each other for any more Mystery Spots!

Or so I thought until I glimpsed the doozy a reader sent in. Um, it, uh, ah, stumped me. YES, I'll admit it, it stumped me (grumbles). But! How about you? Answer next Wednesday!


Fritz said...

Guessing... Matthaei Botanical Gardens?

Dusty D said...

Further southeast. :D

Lisele said...

So when do we get to find out where this is? It seems so familiar, yet I can't place it.

Dusty D said...

Lisele: I owe you an apology--the Mystery Spot train ran off the rails there at Birthday Bridge. Trestle. Whatever. At any rate, why don't we bring it back into, er, the station on Wednesday as formerly, and I'll to stay on track after that!