Monday, September 7, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie started school. She said, "I dread to go but the vacation has been lovely."

Sept. 4 Fri. It is rather cold this morning. I went to Lyceum in the evening. Mr. W. was there and Mr. S. but I did not have a chance to speak to either. Did not get but one chance to speak to J.S. and then did not speak. I read the resolutions. Joe and A. E. L. (Alfred Lucking) was there. I had fun.

Sept. 5 Sat. Walter B. and Uncle have come. Mary is sick. We have been very busy all day. I went out this afternoon and learned how to harness the horses and then went up for Joe and we took a long, long ride. It was perfectly delightful. Discovered something. Came home, got ready, went to the Opera. It was nice.

Sept. 6 Sun. Went to Church in the morning. Stayed to S. S. Joe was there. Read almost all the afternoon and wrote and took a nap. Went to church in the evening. A woman lectured on Temperance. It was rather good. Jen S. was there with a nice young man.

Sept. 7 Mon. Have had all of my lessons today. (A long gaze on the part of my neighbor opposite me in the back seat in the boy's aisle). I had a compliment. Walter and his wife called here this evening. I think that she is real nice. There was a special meeting of the Lyceum after school.

Sept. 8 Tue. Did not have anything to do this afternoon. J. S. was not there so I did not recite in Latin. Wrote a letter to Emma Stone, (A little more from my neighbor). Quite a little fun. Very warm, looks like storm.

Sept. 9 Wed. Hot today. Went up town after I came home from school and in almost every store. Was studying away when I saw Betts drive past. i spoke and they went up to town. Then J. and Mrs. Betts came back and stayed to tea. Saw Mr. B. just a minute. Went up town with Mrs. B. and J. came home with me. Is very anxious that I should come down.

Sept. 10 Thur. Finished Emma's letter today and mailed it. Was just going up to Joe's tonight when I met Carrie N. She came home with me and stayed quite late. We had a very nice time and she had told me every so much. When I met her tonight, D. and her father was with her and for some reason Durbin did not speak to me, but I nodded to him.

Sept. 11 Fri. Went up to Carrie's tonight after school. Had some fun. Got me a new belt and a collar. Came home and copied my essay. Wrote the resolutions. Mr. Kipp was here to supper. Got ready and went to Lyceum. Was told that I looked and read well. Joe was there. She had been down to Gills and has told me something about what J. has said. She was there only two days. Hettie R. was here and stayed all night. (A present from a bird).

Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.


Lisele said...

Maybe researching which church hosted a speaker on temperance on the above date would tell us which church Allie attended. I bet a speaker like that might have been advertised in the newspaper.

Dusty D said...

Ooh! Great idea! I'll be at Halle this weekend; thank you for this great suggestion, Lisele! I'll check it out!