Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sad, Sad Story is the Tale of the Tail of Pal

For Pal Has Passed Through the Mill Indeed, and Bears the Marks of Misfortune

Pal, Mrs. Mary Discher's little black and white pet dog is today recovering from a sad experience. He is no longer running briskly about the neighborhood, wagging his tail in friendly fashion; he ambles about slowly now, as one does after passing through some of life's serious adventures and his tail--well, that is a very sore point, and "thereon hangs the tale."

Pal, a pal in reality as well as in name, is not denied privileges other members of the household enjoy. His is the liberty of the house; he participates in many, if not quite all, family activities. But there is one weekly function in which he no longer takes enjoyment and that is the ceremony connected with wash day. Pal avoids the washing machine as if it were the plague. He will hardly go into the room where it is kept.

Has Passed Through Mill

For last wash day Pal, or at least part of him, passed through the mill in deed as well as word.

Pal ran into the kitchen where the electric washer was assisting with the task of turning out the weekly wash. All was well with the world, and Pal was wagging his tail in anticipation of the happy state of affairs. Under the tub he went, then under the wringer.

There was a sharp yip of pain, terrified barking and crying. The women screamed, and turned off the electricity, but Pal was fast. His poor tail was bleeding profusely, his hind legs wrenched from the floor. Faint at the sight of blood, someone rushed into the street and called the neighbors. They responded but could not free Pal, who continued to bleed and cry with agony.

John Baker, the mail carrier, was passing, and hearing the commotion, offered assistance. He was obliged to take the wringer quite apart before Pal was free. A portion of his tail was lost entirely.

This is life's sad experience through which Pal has passed--the tale of the tail of Pal.

--Daily Ypsilantian-Press, December 15, 1925.


Anonymous said...

Must have been a slow news day.

Dusty D said...

There are a fair number of such human-interest--er, pet-interest stories in the old papers; I have a whole file of 'em.

There's the dog that attended classes at EMU, the cat that read its own "Lost Cat" ad and came home, and so on. Quite charming and sweet.