Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Kind readers may recall that Carrie was still sick for most of last week, and trying to "drive my car to gain strength." Lillian seems to have been with Carrie to take care of her.

Sept. 1 Mon. Drove twice today. Went to Movie to see Marguerite Clark in "Come Out of the Kitchen."

Sept. 2 Tues. Went to market with Lillian. Edward Simpson called. Gained 5 lbs last week.

Sept. 3 Wed. Not accomplished very much. Rather shaky. Drove Mrs. Jennings over to Mrs. Creech's.

Sept. 4 Thurs. Went to market. L. & I went over to Prospect School [now Adams School]. Making a pair of d----.

Sept. 5 Fri. My! But I eat a heap of food every day. Am gaining but shaky.

Sept. 6 Sat. Did not attend the preliminary teachers meeting. Finished D---. had a splendid bath.

Sept. 7 Sun. Went over to Midd Laird's for dinner. C. Ponton was there. Mr. Erickson teaches for me the first week of school.

Sept. 8 Mon. School opened without me. Classification of students. Stayed alone last night.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Tuesday for the next series!


Edward Vielmetti said...

"My! But I eat a heap of food every day."

What an excellent line.

Dusty D said...

I liked it too! Little hungry now..

Lisele said...

I have a sneaky suspicion about Carrie and Lillian. Poor Carrie -- ugh, poisoned by mercury! I wonder how the drawers turned out!

Jennifer Redfern said...

It's starting to get very interesting about her and Lillian. but i want to find out more. I love the saying, going to quote it soon.

Dusty D said...

Lisele: "Poisoned by mercury" is just my somewhat morbid suspicion; of course I have no idea what was really wrong to cause such an extended and debilitating sickness. Haven't seen clues elsewhere in her diary either, thus far. Hopefully we'll learn what it is.

Dusty D said...

Jennifer: It is endearing, that phrase.