Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Kind readers may recall that Carrie had recovered from her sickness. She dug her potatoes, had dinner with friends, and had gained 8 and 1/2 pounds.

Sept. 15 Mon. Had dinner with Mrs. Fletcher (Swiss steak). Went to school + visited Mr. Erickson's two Geom. classes. Weighed. Gained 8 1/2 lbs.

Sept. 16 Tues. Drove down to market. After school went over + wrote preamble of Constitution on board. made green tomato pickles + relish.

Sept. 17 Wed. Made brown bread. Miss Covell + I drove to Belleville + around. Received letter from miss Wigal.

Sept. 18 Thurs. Am going to school every day this week. I get very tired, but I shall try to keep it up. Do nothing while there.

Sept. 19 Fri. Helped some with odd "jobs" about. Freshman reception. Not many teachers in attendance.

Sept. 20 Sat. Drove Lillian over to Ann Arbor in morning + Mrs. Erickson + Bess Abbott in P.M.

Sept. 21 Sun. Went over to Carrie + Sara Lewis's to chicken dinner. They have a new baby grand piano + an Edison phonograph. Fine time.

Sept. 22 Mon. Began taking roll today. Was in school all the P.M. May Webb, Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. & Mrs. Arbaugh called in evening. Tired.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Tuesday for the next series!


Lisele said...

I love that Carrie reminds me of garden chores. I'm making tomato sauce today, but green tomato relish sounds like an excellent idea for tomorrow. Also, making sourdough bread in honor of Carrie's brown bread. Yum.

Dusty D said...

Lisele: That is so cool! I love it! I wonder what Carrie would say if she knew you were inspired by her words, so many years after her death.

Very cool!

Jennifer said...

She would have liked it I believe.