Thursday, September 3, 2009

Readers: Have You Considered Purchasing the New Pasteurized Milk?

Dear readers, have you considered trying out that new-fangled milk? I know it sounds strange, but I assure you it's harmless. In fact, it's healthier than regular milk!

And one big benefit this hot summer of 1919 is that it'll last longer--hours longer--in your icebox. Regular milk turns sour so fast. Your glass bottle of pasteurized milk will last long enough till the next morning's front porch milk delivery!

Just phone 914-W to reach the Ypsilanti Pure Milk Company at 320 E. Cross Street in Depot Town.

These days, many people are advocating for the sale of raw milk as a new and novel and healthy kind of milk, but 90 years ago it was the other way around!


James said...

Dose this mean I must give up my cow, the one I keep in my backyard barn?

Dusty D said...

I know it's hard to come to grips with, dear James. But we all have to move into the exciting future of pasteurized milk sometime.