Friday, September 11, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie returned to Lyceum for the first time this fall. She bought a new belt and collar, . She mentioned that Alfred Lucking was there and also noted "[a] long gaze on the part of my neighbor opposite me in the back seat in the boy's aisle."

Sept. 11 Fri. Went up to Carrie's tonight after school. Had some fun. Got me a new belt and a collar. Came home and copied my essay. Wrote the resolutions. Mr. Kipp was here to supper. Got ready and went to Lyceum. Was told that I looked and read well. Joe was there. She had been down to Gills and has told me something about what J. has said. She was there only two days. Hettie R. was here and stayed all night. (A present from a bird).

Sept. 12 Sat. I slept almost all of the afternoon, then I did several little things. After supper I got ready and started for Carrie's, but I met her and Joe on the bridge, so they came back and stayed a little while. I went up town with them and up to Joe's gate. Then back down to our house and then up to Carrie's to stay all night. H. D. N. was there, but we had fun.

Sept. 13 Sun. Had a nice time this morning. Came home, got ready and went to Church. Stayed for S. S. Both girls were there. Read all of the afternoon. Went to Church in the evening with Mary and Joe W. (Worden). Mr. Fuller is back for the third year. He preached a splendid sermon.

Sept. 14 Mon. I had all of my lesson today. Went boat riding in the evening and learned how to steer. It is real fun. Went up town afterwards with Marion and got some gloves with three buttons. Crocheted a little after I came home.

Sept. 15 Tues. It rained this morning. Did not come home from school this noon. When I came at night I met Joe just coming and Carrie was there. Joe stayed only a little while and Carrie stayed after supper. I was going a piece with Carrie. Felt like the Old Nick, went way home with her. Visited with Durbin a little while and she came and stayed all night with me. We had a nice time. (Music).

Sept. 16 Wed. Carrie went home this morning a little before school time. I went up and met her this noon and she went to school with me. Has gone home with Jennie S. tonight. Have had fun today. The girls have gone over to Mary W.'s today. Marion is going to stay. I saw Mrs. Guy and C.

Sept. 17 Thurs. Went to the Society this afternoon. There were very few there. Joe was there. Had ever so much fun at school today and all of my lessons. Mr. J. J. S. sent Carrie N. and I his love by Jennie S. Too bad he gets nothing in return except a few sneers.

Sept. 18 Fri. Called on L. L. D. tonight after school. When I got home they were all gone. Carrie N. came down a little while. Got ready and went to lyceum. Got acquainted with Mr. Chase. I was chairman after the last piece was sung. J. S. on his way from the piano sat down in my seat and went home with me. I have not spoken two words with him before since last night. Never shall forget.

Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.


Lisele said...

Ooooo, looks like Alfred has a rival.

What I find interesting is that almost all her pastimes are social & fun -- she rarely reports doing any work. Were Allie's family so well off, with her dad owning the foundry? Or maybe she just never writes about the routine work, but only the fun times. Still, I love hearing the kinds of things Allie did for fun.

Dusty D said...

Lisele: I do too. She is so active and social!

So far as I can gauge, the foundry was a pretty well-established business in town, so perhaps your guess is correct and they were relatively well-off. You may remember Allie bothering to make special note in her diary when her mom asked her to clean up after supper, as if that were an unusually onerous thing (and that's when several dishes were broken you may recall, maybe or not by accident).

Dunno if the long-gaze boy is Alfred or another one...guessing another one?

Lisele said...

Alfred's rival: I was referring to her last comment about J.S. sharing her seat... which she "never shall forget."

Dusty D said...

Lisele: Oh, right, right...gracious, so much flirtin' going on I'm losing track!

Had I said I "never shall forget [that boy]," at Allie's age, my Oma would have said, with impeccable Dutch laconicism/cynicism/wisdom, "Never is a long time." And I would have bristled!

Of course, today it's one of my favorite sayings.