Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Mystery Spot

This week's Mystery Spot was, despite my usual ineffectually wily efforts, solved within minutes (sigh) by Lisele, who correctly identified this locale as the GAR building on Pearl Street, just a bit east of the bus station.
A broader view, showing the bus station in the background:
However. Yesterday, I made a special bike trip to a completely different part of town for this week's Mystery Spot. OK, you [annoyingly] hawk-eyed Mystery Spotters, see if you can guess the location of this enigmatic sculpture! Ha!


BF said...

You're kidding, right?

It's titled Crouching Figure.

If you were that close, why didn't you stop in to my office.

Dusty D said...


I didn't stop by your office, kindest reader, because I didn't want to SMACK YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD FOR BEING AN ANNOYINGLY UNDEFEATABLE MYSTERY-SPOTTER!!!!!!

(Deep breath). OK, I'm better now.

(Deep breath again). In. Out. Ah, that's better.

naia said...

I recognized it too because I pass it a lot on my way from my house to Dreamland. ...Plus I have a friend that lives at 108 1/2 Pearl St.

Dusty D said...

I LOVE fractional street addresses. makes me want to change my own to 602 3/8 B. Avenue.