Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thompson Building Destroyed by Fire

Dusty D read of this story in a Chicago paper and promptly sped down to the Thompson Building, a few blocks from my house, on my bike. Oh, Thompson Building!


Maproom Systems said...

Giving an unqualified, inexperienced developer like Stewart Beal control of this cultural resource was a massive error by the city government, which I've been saying for the last four years.

Everyone just loved bashing david kircher so much, they never thought that the alternative could be even worse.

The city manager, mayor, and council members all share in the responsibility for this tragedy, as they have consistently failed to support ypsilanti's cultural heritage over the last decade, from the depot to the freighthouse to peninsular to serbay motors.

the historical society, heritage foundation, and historic district commission all turned a blind eye to the thompson building as well, and if any of them actually fulfilled their mission statements this wouldn't have happened.

i'm seriously at a loss for words.

i feel terrible for the loss your city has suffered, but the collective sense of apathy i encountered in seven years of living there is what really ignited this fire, regardless of what the 'official' cause turns out to be.

Dusty D said...

Dusty D is just stunned.

No words here at present.