Monday, September 14, 2009

Historical Society Birthday Coming Up!

The 49th birthday of the Historical Society is coming up next Thursday the 24th!

The grandfather of the Historical Society is Louis White. In December of 1959, he petitioned City Council to create a city historical committee and the office of City Historian. Council members unanimously passed his petition. In April 1960, Mayor Rodney Hutchinson created a city historical committee chaired by himself and including postmaster Wesley M. Dawson, Yvonne Williams, Ruth L. Shaw, and Curtiss D. Bassett. The following fall, Hutchinson, the father of the Historical Society, called a meeting to discuss plans to create "a local historical society" to "assist the city historian, Louis White, with the collection of items of local interest and to work with him toward the establising of a city museum."

So although White began the process, the idea sprang from Hutchinson, like Minerva from Jove's forehead.

Uh--did somebody say 'Minerva'? (looks over shoulder nervously).

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Dusty D said...

Article is from September 24, 1960 Ypsilanti Daily Press.