Monday, September 7, 2009

Proud to Contribute to the Ypsilanti Courier

Dusty D has exciting news for y'all. You might like to pick up a Courier next Thursday (the day they come out), 'cause a story of mine will (likely, barring the usual last-minute decisions at newspapers) be in there.

My historical column, called "Look Back," should be appearing every Thursday from now on.

This Thursday's story is the sordid story of a flapper bootlegger and I like how it came out. Has a picture too, if they run it. Dusty D is absolutely thrilled to contribute to the Courier and have my work appear alongside such longtime writers as Pat Grimes, whose work I have really enjoyed over the years. The Courier is not online, so you do hafta get a paper one if you'd like to read it. Hope you like it!

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Dusty D said...

CORRECTION: I was wrong! The Courier itself is not online--its onetime site and blog are both down--but Heritage Newspapers publishes articles from the Courier and other papers here.