Wednesday, September 30, 2009

News for Y'all: Book Deal

Dusty Diary has some news for her fellow Ypsituckians.

I got a book deal.

Yep, you read that right--I got a book deal. "Stud Bunnies and the Underwear Club: Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives" will be coming out this winter. Dusty D is hustling to git it together as we speak.

Bonus sweetness: our Honorable Mayor will be writing the intro. Cool cat, no? I thought that was VERY NICE of Mayor Schreiber, and I appreciate it!

You'll be able to buy this paragon of writing excellence (cough) from Amazon or at Border's come winter. I'll be sure to toot my own horn, come winter, loud enough to deafen ya, so don't worry about missing it.

Dusty D is grateful to and to the Ypsilanti Courier for publishing my stories. Thank you, and Ypsilanti Courier--I am proud to be a part of your papers, and I am grateful to you both. You-all made this book possible. Thanks especially to Ed Vielmetti at and to Austen Smith at the Courier.

At any rate, there's a lot of work between now & midwinter, so off I scoot to do it!


Lisele said...

I am so overjoyed for you, DD -- you deserve it! You are a wonderful writer. I can't wait to read what you put together and I'll be your first customer. I've always been sad that your stories, essays & research are in this ephemeral format. Hear, hear, for paper, ink, glue & backboards! You are an author!

Dusty D said...

Lisele: Thank you for your lovely comment! :) Well, I'll be an author when it comes out, in winter...trying not to count my chickens till then.

Yes!--yay for paper! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is absolutely wonderful!!

Dusty D said...

Jen: Thank you for your kind comment. I'm a-walkin' on air today. I hope folks will get a kick out of it!

Dusty D said...

For the record, I told our Honorable Mayor Schreiber about the title (which was chosen just today)--just to let him know it was a kinda provocative one, in all fairness--and he was STILL cool about writing an intro!

How cool is it to have a Mayor who's down with writing an intro to "Stud Bunnies and the Underwear Club"?!


(hugs Mayor Schreiber!)

Marcy said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to read it!

Dusty D said...

Marcy: Very nice of you to say so; thank you!

Edward Vielmetti said...


Dusty D said...

Thank you, Ed! was really instrumental in motivating me to write on a good schedule, and I am grateful to the paper and to you. Here's to many more stories in

Edward Vielmetti said...

There's nothing quite like a schedule and a deadline to make you a better writer and to focus your attention - I am learning that fast!

Dusty D said...

Ed: that is certainly true! Things have abruptly shifted into high gear, with an Oct. 15 deadline for book imags and a slew of accompanying my 3 weekly items for and my Courier articles! Phew!

Keeps me outta trouble. More or less.