Friday, September 25, 2009

"...Because That's How I Roll" is Dusty Diary's New Catch-Phrase

It is. Dusty D has taken to appending this phrase to almost every sentence I utter. This is my attempt to appeal to the younger generation and seem "with-it," and relevant to their interests. It's my ploy to make them more receptive to the historical pearls I dispense, and influence them to become the next generation of flag-bearers in the historical and preservationisteral cause. Pretty sly, eh? But it works!

"When doing a charcoal tombstone rubbing, I blow the dust off and promptly apply spray fixative--because that's how I roll."

"I always wear latex gloves when handling 19th-century glass-plate negatives--because that's how I roll."

"I take my own paper to the Halle Library microfilm readers, so I'm not being a paper pig--because"
--well, you get the idea.

I think it's working. So aside from my Value World wardrobe and slightly spongy midriff, I'm down with those young folks, yessir. It's just part of my long-range history-boosting plan. I can see the admiration, or something, in their eyes when I bust out this phrase, before nonchalantly sashaying off to the Archives. Try it yourself and see if I'm wrong. Nosir.


Anonymous said...

When you mess up (which I'm sure you never do :)), be sure to say, "My bad." I tend to say "how we roll in this class" and "my bad" at school and since those are just a teeny bit "out" with my kids, it seems to delight them when I say it. I think they know that I'm really trying, but just haven't quite gotten it yet....

Lisele said...

Have you ever read the Mark Kurlansky books -- "Salt" and "Cod?" He does a kind of history going from the micro to the macro that I think you'd really enjoy. The subtitle of Cod is A Biography of The Fish That Changed The World.

Larissa said... can also add 'seriously?' in a cute, sarcastic-y way to everything to be in, "Seriously? You want to pay $5 for that knish? Seriously?"

Dusty D said...

Teacher Patti: I love it!

I also use "not!" at the end of sentences for that same faded-slang effect! :D

Dusty D said...

Lisele: Mark Kurlansky is second only to David Halberstam in this house in terms of writing idols.

Didja also read Kurlansky's "The Big Oyster"? I wish he'd hurry up and write more!

Dusty D said...

Larissa: You have to admit, that's a pricey knish.

Perhaps you might gnash your teeth and lash out with, "Gosh, that's a brash price for a knish nosh!"