Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Meet Eliza Hewitt, c. 1860

Eliza Hewitt was the daughter-in-law of Walter (W. B. Hewitt), a pioneer storekeeper in town whose successful store operated from 1850 into the 1870s. Walter owned several large tracts of land just west of town and is the man for whom Hewitt Road is named.

Born Eliza Pardee Post in 1831, Eliza married W.B.'s son Edmund, who worked in his father's store. They had three children, Lucy, Edmund, Jr., and Mary.

Lucy died at age 8 in 1862. Edmund, Jr. died at age 5 the same year. So did Eliza, at age 31. Diptheria ravaged the family, leaving only Edmund alone with his three-year-old daughter Mary.

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