Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Kind readers may recall that last week Carrie attended freshman reception at Ypsi high, noting "Not many teachers in attendance." She made bread, green tomato pickles, and relish, and was still feeling the lingering effects of her long illness.

Sept. 23 Tues. Was in school all day. Went up stairs to lunch. Helped with attendance + Miss Hoffman.

Sept. 24 Wed. Am taking attendance this week to relieve Miss Gieske. Also, trying to remain in school. Lillian + I went to Mission for dinner.

Sept. 25 Thurs. Went up stairs for lunch. Visited Mr. Erickson's Alg. 12. This week I have recorded all attendance to date. Visited Lillian's room.

Sept. 26 Fri. Taught all my classes today. Lillian is very kind to me. Was tired out at close of school.

Sept. 27 Sat. Went to market with Miss Gieske. Bought new winter hat $7.75. Van washed my windows.

Sept. 28 Sun. Rob arrived about 7:30. He drove out. We had breakfast, then Lillian + I went home with him. Came back on st. car.

Sept. 29 Mon. Am teaching full time now. Gained 1 lb. last week. Seems good to be back again. Tired.

Sept. 30 Tues. Taught all day again + gave out locker keys to freshmen after school.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Tuesday for the next series!


Lisele said...

OH! Is Lillian another teacher at the School ("I stopped by Lillian's room...")? DD -- any pix of her??? I know they had a Boston Marriage.

Dusty D said...

(checks 1917 & 1922 yearbooks purchased from the Archives...)

Hm. There is no Lillian, or anyone with a middle initial of L., in the 1917 yearbook; there is an L. Baird who is a "secretary" in the 1922 yearbook.

Off for further checking on L. Baird...

Dusty D said...

Hm. Looks as though I'll have to head on down to the Archives tomorrow, which is great since it's my favorite place. I'll check the 1919 directory for any Lillians living in Ypsilanti.

Jennifer Redfern said...

What do mean mean by a Boston Marriage? I also have been trying to search for Lillian too. I did get that name on some websites, however haven't had much time to look into it, but tell if you find anything, please. Also would you pictures of carrie's brother Rob and also her father?

Dusty D said...

Hi Ms. Redfern,

I'll look for a pic of Carrie's brother Rob when I'm next in the Archives; I should be there on Thursday. Not sure if we have one but I'll look.

Jennifer Redfern said...

Sorry I mean i can send you some if you want. Copies of them.

Richard said...

Jennifer, a Boston Marriage refers to women who were living together for social and economic support, but did not necessarily involve sexual relations.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_marriage

Dusty D said...

Ms. Redfern: Ooh, yes, that would be lovely if it's not too much trouble! Thank you! My email is ypsidixit at gmail.

Jennifer Redfern said...

Oh that's what it means. Thank you Richard, learn something every day. Yeah i will send the pictures tomorrow. No Problem.