Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wednesday Mystery Spot

Last week's Mystery Spot was a toughie--interior shots of a building that doesn't even exist anymore. That was no problem for Building Place, who correctly guessed that this was a health spa--one of Ypsilanti's 2 bath-houses. This one stood on Huron and was seen in a previous photo (the "Occidental" banner--the next-door Occidental Hotel opened to allow out-of-town patients a place to stay).

Pretty darn good, Building Place. This week we're back on the roads, for a scene drastically different from today. On the southeast side of town, this scene is near downtown today but as you can see was a wilderness in 1908. Take your best guess and good luck!


Building Place said...

I wasn't sure 'til I drove down that very hill this evening on my way back towards downtown from the Speedway on E. Michigan Ave. While the roadside scenery is certainly different, the view of the road is not.

That is the view from the center of E. Michigan Ave. looking towards downtown from up near Prospect Rd. and the new Walgreens.

Dusty D said...

(struggles with poker face, gahh!) (cough) Interesting guess, Building Place.

It would be remarkable indeed if you could suss out a photo so completely devoid of modern-day clues! That would be a new height of victory for Mystery Spot!